unlimited carrying capacity

  • I have discovered a way to have unlimited carrying capacity on all of my guys.

    I know what you're thinking: "Yeah, yeah, buy 500,000 bags, this is old news."

    That is not the case! You only need one bag for each character! Put the bag in the inventory of the desired character. Put what you want to take(up to 80 grains at a time) into the bag. Now, drag the contents of the bag into the main inventory of the character. Repeat as many times as desired! Makes it a lot quicker and easier to buy the house (although it's still a royal pain).

  • A further improvement to this: Use a chest instead of a bag! They can hold 255 grains at a time as opposed to 80. That's more than three times as much as a bag! Picking up huge amounts of money goes even quicker now!

  • Neat trick, Slayer! Here's another one, although I haven't tried to repeat it, so I won't swear that it will always work:

    I was walking around in the dark and I told Hector to wait. He did but I still had light. He was pretty far away from me at the time, but after I finally found him, I got him to follow me again.

    A while later I walked into another dark area. I checked Hector and the torch had burned out. But I still had light! None of my characters are holding anything that produces light.

    This was a couple of days ago. It seems that the light is permanent. Neat huh?

  • Yeah, I've had similar stuff like that happen. The light stays on even though Hectors torch had burnt out.

  • That's a good trick!

    I've done a little experimenting. I've found that another container might be better than a chest, in that it doesn't involve potential stealing. This other container is...er... a dead ruffian. It may be kind of morbid, but it works just as well as a chest.

  • Where do I get a "bag"? And what is this house that you can buy?

  • 1. You can get a bag from the provision shop in Pnyx.
    2. This house is a house in Cademia, and it has a poster on it saying you should see this one guy for details.

  • 1. You can get a bag from the provision shop in Pnyx.
    2. This house is a house in Cademia, and it has a poster on it saying you should see this one guy for details/

  • Oh, man! It did that because I clicked submit, then clicked stop, corrected the period, then clicked submit again. Damn you, UBB!

  • hmm those things don't work for me it still says that i'm caring x/y amount hmm maybe i should look in to this more....

  • yep it don't do anything for me i still can'thold over the amount that i colud all redey colud but i don't get what your saying slayer colud you clear it up for me?

  • I thought I was pretty clear the first time around, but here goes.

    Put a chest or bag in your inventory. You must have enough room in your inventory to do this. Then put stuff off the ground that you want to take into the chest. Drag the contents of the chest into your main inventory. You can put as much as you want into your main inventory this way. It will list you as carrying too much, though. For example, I have Aethon at about 800/35. Don't worry about your guys being over-filled.

  • With respect to the infinite light thing, are you sure it's not the legendary sword? That acts as a torch that never burns out.

  • I guess it could be; I do have the legendary sword. I didn't know it acts as a torch. But maybe you're right.

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  • there is also a staff you get in Cadimia (i think) that acts as a light source it also casts terrorisation

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