• I know that this may have been covered already but...
    Where are each of the pieces of the crolna located.
    I checked into the web site with the walk throughs,
    Free Matii...whatever. There is no specific information on where to find the pieces. I have two, I have asked practically every character "crystal" with no luck. I try to take down the force wall in the walk through... but I only have 2 pieces and only parts come down and I can not enter. Someone please take pity on me...I am so frustrated. :frown:

  • Well, even though you only have two pieces of the Crolna, you can in fact destroy the force wall. You just need to use it on each piece of the force wall, and not the stone pillar things on it's 4 corners. As for the location of the 4 pieces of the Crolna - one is causing the plague in Catamarca, you get the second piece by talking to Timon, you get one by "Honoring Jinrai" (i.e. baking bread and taking it to a statue located in the Land's End Volcano), and you can get the 4th piece from Pelagon behind the secret door in Kosha.

  • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

  • Actually the 3rd piece you get is under the ruins in the swamp

  • Ah yes, Tobbles is correct - it's been a long time since I played. I believe the "Honor Jinrai" mission gives you the second piece of the disc needed to extend the bridge in the swamp ruins in order to go down and answer some questions and then get the 3rd piece of the Crolna. Sorry for the confusion :-)

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