Dead Guy in Landking Hall

  • This has been asked a long time ago, but I can't find the thread....

    is there any way to get to the dead guy in landking hall? Not the ruffian with the Kesh on him, but the dead guy near him. You need to use the crystal ball while in the secret hallways (next to the dead kesh guy) and then you'll be able to a dead guy, a rug, and I think a dresser. Is there any way to get to them?


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  • A DEAD GUY IN LANDKING HALL?! Ill have Lindus investigate this at once... Didnt know about that...Slayers site has nothing about it. sigh
    Maybe casting fetch on the wall might help. Dont think so but its worth a try.

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  • Flatty, that was probably me all those months ago (used to be "greg"), and I never got anywhere with an answer (see Burning Questions). I can only hope that somebody has figured it out...I'm thinking that it might have something to do with the Braziers both in the pool room and in the dining hall (with all the potions), but I haven't figured it out :o(

    Hope your luck is better than mine :o)

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