secret passage Cademia (spoiler)

  • okay there are two secret passages that i found that i can't get open

    1. when you enter cademia keep going straigh in tell you hit the first ally then go down to the first house on the right

    2. in the place below where halos lives

    i can't figure out any of these pleas help

  • 1. If this has a spike trap in the middle then try looking around inside House Comana. Have you looked under all the crates?
    2. At the far east of Halos's house there is a room with two crates and an inkwell. Look under the crates...(Dont worry,Halos hasn't put traps under them.)

  • Does anyone know how to get into the area just west of the room with the abyss? I think I have tried all the walls.

  • I haven't figured that one out yet either, and it's driving me nuts!!

  • I can't even see into it with the creen crystal ball. Something strange is going on here. Maybe what was wrong is that I was doing it from the side. I'll try from the top.

  • To get into that last building in Cademia you have to go down into the sewer and locate a secret door to open and then walk up the stairs behind that door. Just a note - the door in question can't be opened by simply "using the secret door" - it requires something special.

  • Ah, the elusive secret door in the sewer. Any hints as to where in the sewer I ought to be looking for that? I've searched the whole sewer (I think) several times, and have been unsuccessful as yet at finding that particular secret door.

  • The secret door in the sewer is located in the SE portion of the sewer. If you have the ability to detect secrets it should also say something along the lines of "a thin wire is detected" several times. This door is the one that is magically locked and the Golem hunter (can't remember his name) said SGD was needed to open it. Well, he was definitely a crazy man as SGD is not the music sequence needed, but it is only 3 notes. It shouldn't take you too long to figure it out or you can look around at some of the other posts - I believe it's been posted recently :-)

  • Off the top of my memory, its PMG.

  • That area you have to get to through the secret door in the Sewers. Once you get in there, you know it's the place because of the layout of the room and so forth.

  • Sorry about my previous post...for some reason, when I downloaded this page, I didn't get all the messages. So I didn't see that someone had already given the answer.


  • Oops! Sorry about my post that was here earlier. I wasn't looking at a lyre right then.

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  • Which lyre do you use?

  • The one in the dresser inside Machaon's lab worked for me. You know, the place with the levers and golem.

  • What about that really thin one in between the Two Tailed Rat and the room with the abyss? Can you even get in there?

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