• I started this topic because people were having trouble understanding things. That is okay. If you have a question about one of the stories then feel free to post it here, and someone-most likely me, but others can too- will get back to you about it. I hope by doing this, the stories don't have to be interrupted, just post the question here.


  • Just dropping by... Hello.

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  • sigh Stick to topic please :)

    Anyway, can some one give me a real brief summery of all the stroies. I am usually to short on time to sort through the spam. Thanx.

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  • Uh... in the Undine Stronghold, the group goes inside after picking up some more members. We find our first attempt thwarted, but Avatara leads everyone in just before the enterance collapses. They go through trials and run into a black figure and a book. Avatara takes the book (and continues to keep it) and slips away. The group somehow defeats the black figure, but find they were tricked one last time. They go on and face a dragon, then a creature that reads minds.


  • I resurrected this because I noticed people adding notes with messages. If you have a question for a story, please put it here rather than in the story. It really saves us time when we don't have to go through and delete all the questions spamming the story.

    If you post a question, please put the title of the story near the top of the question.

    Here are some FAQs:

    What are the Cytherian stories available and what are they like?
    Well, there is:

    *Land King Hall - for story (we try to find the homeworld)

    In this tale, a quest of adventurers start off by trying to find their homeland. Instead, they are stuck in foreign and hostile dimensions and have to fight their way home.

    *The Cytherian Saga Part I: Conquest (otherwise known as Once Again...)

    In this story, a ruthless leader starts off by conquering most of the land of Cythera, and leaving destruction in his wake. However, new elements are thrown into play as a great legend, under the guise of Return, returns back promising salvation from the cruel leader, but he has other plans in mind.

    *The Tale of the Tresure

    This is a story about a tresure hunt with great tasks to overcome. I don't know any recent events 'cause I never got around to reading the last 40 or so posts.

    *"New Story"

    This one is about mages trying to control a dangerous power and an attempt to retrieve Tavara's book even though Avatara has been holding it for the last three weeks hoping Slayer would ask politely to look at it! :)

    What is acceptable for "Character Info" or in other words, a character?

    I'll start off by saying this:
    No NEW characters can be over level 25! Even though we recommend starting under level 15. They can grow past level 25 over time, but if it is too fast a growth, or you are tacking on levels for no reason, you may find your character's ego trimmed a bit.

    For the Character Info topic, only posts about characters that plan on being in one of the many Cytherian Stories is acceptable. We do not want characters from a game at home, or 'hacked characters'! Please refrain from posting them.

    Also, please don't go overkill on characters. The stronger your character's powers are, the weaker his weakness has to be. Therefore, all characters should be balanced so nobody is too powerful. Every hero has to have some type of flaw.

    Can I become a moderator too?

    I cannot answer this question for two reasons:
    1. Its not related to the topic. :)
    2. Its not in my power to do this, send a polite e-mail to andrew asking to be one.


  • Quote

    Originally posted by Rogan:
    **Well, actually we spoke about the book in the Undine stronghold having some spells, so we`re really looking for something that we already found. I think we should change it in the New story topic so that we were searching for something else. Maybe Tavaras phonebook or something;)


    If Avatara has his spellbook, how about we're looking for his grimore and journal.

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  • Sounds nice.
    BTW, everyone that participated in the Undine Stronghold (except Eldargon because he mysteriously vanished, and Slayer for some odd reason)has a copy of Tavaras jounal THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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  • HEY!! :mad:

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