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  • well , i've been playing cythera for about two weeks but i think the game itself has a large room for improvement ... the sound effects and music are good and the graphics are stunning as an arpg game , but the key to a good adventure/rpg game - the storyline , bodybuilding and inventry system - are all quite weak in cythera . for example , i get a couple of mission (around 12 now i think in my ToDo list) they doesnt seems quite related to each other and , from my point of view as a player , the game seems not "binding" enough - i mean we just lost in the chain of mission without particular enthuasiasm in finishing any of them - and speaking of the inventory system , it still need development , i think . for example , when i equipped with a round shield , how much defensive power will i get (eg blocking %) ? how much damage will i afflict when i'm equipped with an axe instead of a club ? etc.. and now i still dont have an "high-res" outdoor map ~

    from my experience in Ambrosia's game (like evo) i think their games are all highly promising and so far i'm waiting for an "Ambrosia-quality" version of cythera before i'm going to spend $25 for it..

    other than cythera , all other ambrosia's game are as anti-productivity as ever :)

    PS : my cythera wish list :
    better combat system ,
    **more "tight" storyline , though i dont mean a serial one ,
    better bodybuilding system , eg extending beyond the 3 "b,r,m" attributes
    and ... a good mapping system :-O

  • I agree there could be more unrelated missions, the bodybuilding area has many more characteristics than body/mind/reflex. There is sword, axe, casting, mana, etc. Also, there are special skills like cooking. I also agree that the inventory system is weak, and it's hard to identify items without a certain character. There is a 'changing' map. Take the stuff that was set in your quarters for you.

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  • I agree. BTW, welcome to the webboard! :)

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  • (quote)Originally posted by Rogan:
    **I agree. BTW, welcome to the webboard!;)

    By the way, welcome to the webboard! :)


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