Cythera Has More Bugs In It Than A Rotting Corpse!

  • I was trying to make a plant "stick" in my house in Cademia so I could decorate it. I wanted to put one plant on each side of the door. I took all of Meleager's stuff, and gave him the plant. I used "Shake Down" on him, and he dropped a haystack!! it even said "Meleager drops a haystack!" Since plants are only 1x1 square, and haystacks are 2x2, I couldn't get out of the building because the haystack was in the way! Of course, I had no idea this was going to happen before it did, so I had quite a job getting back to where i was before in the game. Now, as i look back on it, I remember I could have just used fetch on the haystack, or the spell "Direct Nexus." :p

    Another thing, After I talked to the lady in Odemia about Kesh, and after my character told her the corpse in the secret passage in LandKing Hall with Kesh might've been a spy, I rushed to the secret passage in LandKing Hall and used the amulet Alaric gave me on the corpse to see if i could get him to talk. As soon as I did, the corpse dissapeared, and a "Shrub was brought back from the brink of death." Of course, there was no shrub to be found. Oh well, at least there isn't anything too bad in the game.

    By the way, I mean nothing bad against Cythera with the name of this thread. :)


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  • I'll agree that Jason's bugs were well earned at Macworld Expo. ;) Although there are fewer bugs than in v1.0.0, Ambrosia has basically turned its back on Cythera. It's really too bad, as Cythera would've been a hit if the graphics were very slightly better, the plotline actually branched , and there were more than 25 or so "quests". Oh well, Cythera is still a pretty darn good game, just not darn good enough...

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  • The Ruffian didnt actualy disapear when you bring something back to life it goes back to where it was before it died or where it was when the game started for example when you are brought back to life you apear over the conjurers triangle in landking hall if Mealeger is brought back to life he will reapear at the bridge. however since the ruffian was dead from the start of the game. try moveing the dead ruffian west then bring it back to life it should apear back where it was before you moved it west.


  • You tried that? :cool:

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  • Sometimes it changes into a puddle.
    Alright, I'll ask a question now. If bodies ggo back to where they start from when they are brought back to life, how come, I managed to revive Timon out in the wild, but have his corpse still there? I do have to admit that I got him to rejoin out in the wild, and gave him his corpse to hold, but thats not the point. I've revived him elsewhere normally, and he changed back to life where he was standing.

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  • Yeah, when I brought the spy back to life he turned into a bush. I couldn't do anything with him.

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  • What are you guys talking about? In LandKing Hall, there is the corpse of a ruffian? Where? How do I get to it?

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  • One time I killed a guard, and he turned into a basket. I took the basket, filled it with water, and ta-freakin`-da!: The basket turned into a laddle. :eek:

    supersaiyan: Secret door behind plant in Magpies room. North. Through illusionary wall. Into room with ten braziers. Continue west through second illusionary wall. Continue. South. East. There he is! NOTE: Maybe I mixed up east and west. If I did, forgive my stupidity.

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