Mission won't check off

  • I have returned all ten Sapphire books but my mission won't check off! In my to do list it says "Return Sapphire books(10/10)" I want to finish this mission!

  • If you've returned all ten books to the librarian in Pynx, you've finished the mission. Don't worry about it not being checked off on the list; for some reason some of the missions just don't check off correctly.

  • Thanks! I thought that you had to finish all of your missions to win. I guess not.

  • There were several missions that didn't check off after you finished them. That drove me crazy at first because I thought there was stuff left to do. When I realized it was a bug, it annoyed me because I realized I was cheated out on the experience.


  • Interesting... My Sapphire Book mission was checked off the first time I returned any books to the library, and has remained checked off since even though I still have not been able to retrieve Prusa's book. It seems that "the door swings both ways." Cythera bugs are varied and wondrous things!

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