Finished Game but...

  • Okay, so I finished the game today... of course I used a little help from Slayer's webpages when I was stuck =)

    So I have a few random questions.

    WARNING - These questions and there answers may be SPOILERS

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    1 - How do you open the posticulus on the hidden stairs in Pynx? I've seen to loose stone but I don't know how to use it.

    2 - What is up with the pattern stone and door in the cave south of Kosha?

    3 - Observation - as Slayer said, it doesn't seem you can actually get the wine contract signed. I think this may partially be just a way to get you to talk to the vineyards and the with Charax to finish things up. I don't think you are actually ever supposed to solve it.

    4 - In Apis's Inn - there is a space that I never was able to get into and can't find a secret door to - anyone know if there actually is anything in there?

    1. There is a lever that opens the portculis. If walk across the loose stone, there is a click. After you hear that first click, check the solidity of the walls in the room you're in.

    2. There is a strange device (mentioned in some of the other threads) that can be used to match the pattern.

  • Ereid - thanks...

    So anyone know where the Mystical armor is? I think that is the only thing I haven't found.

  • It's in the Harpy Cave. Have your strange device ready!

  • I figured there was something else in there, but I was avoiding that place. Any hints on effective ways to kill harpies... I hate them

  • There a couple good ways to kill harpies, and they work great if used in conjunction.

    1. Wear an odd helmet. It makes you resistant to magic.

    2. Keep your distance until you want to attack. Their effect magic isn't ranged.

    3. Use the sword of heroes. They go down quick when hit by it.

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