• How do I show respect to Neoptolemus to get persuasion and haggling. And how do I get the sapphire book of Beauty. I've got all the others. Oh, and how do I open the secret door in Scylla's temple.

    And the final, most important thing: How do I remove the essense of corruption and cure Alaric

  • Scylla's temple: in the inner temple there is a room with a lever (to shut the portcullis) and a chest. Move the chest. There should be a second lever.
    Corruption of the Crolna: when you have all the pieces, and have given Charax the Sea polarity reagent, return to Sabinate (the Seldane who teaches you his language). He'll give you a mushroom (Earth polarity).

    About 1 and 2: 1 has got something to do with saying the right things in the correct order, but I don't remember it. And I don't know were the Sapphire Book of Beauty is. Do you have the one which is buried at the coast between Catamarca and Odemia? There is a patch of loose dirt and you need to dig it.

    I hope this'll help :)

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  • The sapphire book of beauty is owned by Prusa, the crazy mage. Pester her a lot(I mean a WHOLE LOT), and she will give it to you. To learn persuasion and haggling, you need to say things to Neoptolemus in the right order. For a spoiler, visit the skills section of my site.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

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