How do you get Aethon to join your party?

  • I can't seem to get Aethon to join my party even though it's possible. When I ask him to join he responds"Sorry, I got rats to catch." or something like that.Help!

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  • you have to complete "cure plague in catamarca". ask propontis'wife about "Comana", "Darius" and "company". go to cademia and ask halos about "kidnapping" he'll recomend you to aetheon. tell aetheon "halos", i think. after that, he'll join your party. if this doesn't work, go to slayers site and look up the skills "locks", "gambling", "thievery", or "locks".

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  • You have to first cure the plague in Catamarca(which I'm guessing you already have)
    Talk to the guy in the house just north of the fortress(it's been a long time. i can't remember his name. its the guy that was ill before you cure the plague)
    He'll tell you to go to his brother Halos. Talk to Halos after learning persuasion or go to him when he's eating lunch. talk to him and he'll tell you to go to Aethon. Then aethon will join..

    i think i got it right but i'm not sure. its been so long....

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  • It worked! Thanks for the advice. Also, Rogan, from now on I will post all question in one topic. (edit)A bit ironic that now I give this advice out…(edit)

    This just isn't my strong point.

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