okay, I've got thirty pounds of butter, now what?

  • I learned to cook at land king hall, and filled the belt-pouch you start with full of flatbread (if you can make anything else, please tell me!!)

    I learned to milk goats and make butter, and I've filled a sack with it. (if you know how to make cheese please post that too!)

    But I don't want to just eat hot buttered bread, though that would be pretty nice :) I'm wondering if I can make meatpies, normal bread, cheese or maybe get eggs from all of those chickens running arround.

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  • You can`t make any other food than butter and bread. However, if you kill the chickens and search the bodies, two pieces of fowl will be revealed. You can also kill goats and get food from them. Unfortunately, everyone will attack you if you kill animals belonging to other people.

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  • There are beasts in the wilderness and some of them will give ypu meat if you kill them and search their bodies.

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  • Theres a skill, fishing, which can teach you how to catch fish with a fishing pole. Unfortunately, it doesnt work. :frown:

    I`m a bomb technician. If you see me running...try to keep up.

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