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  • Everyone knows (Well, not some people) that you can just bash down doors with a mace or cast open on that door to "your home" In cademia. But you can do the same to other houses, if no one occupies them. I have several homes, with beds, or cellars, or junk like that where I've filled them with "Stuck" Supplies so I can rest and restock when I want, and just lock it with a key or with open to make it your own.

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  • What houses do you own?I only own the one you can buy in Cadimia.


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  • Just find an unocupied house with a door, open the door, move in, and cast "open" or "mage lock" on the door, and it's the same as if you had bought the house in cademia, isn't it? you don't get a deed, but you Can get many things from other houses, like a bed, a cellar, crates you never know! Why would you spend so much oboli on something you can't even rest in?

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