Custom spells created by story thread characters

  • As Theo Nean Donly requested, here is a topic where you may post your "Custom Spells"

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  • Prrrrrr. I can make my own spells so,

    Call Ferazel- Hey, I might be a cat, but I can call my master using a spell!

  • Yes Callie, you can create your own spells, but I've done more spells. This is a list of spells I've created, but it's only the ones I use the most:

    Feraz Lock- Creates a magical lock simalar to the one in Mage Lock, except only Jack, Fanatic, Rogan, Callie and me know how to remove it.

    Remove Feraz Lock- Very obvious. ;)

    Disruption- Will damage an enemy very seirously, or can alter the fabric of the timeflux.

    Call Callie- Yes, I can call my cat, just as well as she can call me I might add.

    Cloak- It sounds like it's from the future, but it hides items from view at a cost of 2 mana points per hour.

    Uncloak- Also very obvious. ;)

    That's it for now. Callie might make more spells, and so may I, so be ready for more spells by Ferazel and Callie the magic cat!

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  • Rogan`s most interesting spells:

    Holding: Can hold back almost anything from pebbles to demonlords. Mana required depends on the size of the object. A lot of people know this spell (Kestrel is one of them).

    Complete Nexus: An advanced version of Directed Nexus. Gives the caster the ability to cast runes that replaces the Conjurer`s triangle in LandKing Hall so you can travel everywhere in Cythera (if one of your runes are present) without moving. Rogan learned this spell from his friend Fanatic.

    Earth elemental: The most unusual elemental spell (fire, wind, ice, earth, water and electrisity) summons an earth elemental. The earth elemental resists fire (the most powerful elemental) and partially electrisity.

    Golem: A very rare spell produces a golem servant that will do their creators bidding. This spell is warned not to use because it can produce unusual and dangerous side-effects if the caster dies.

    Spellmaking: A very difficult thing to learn. It is concidered more of an art than a spell. Rogan is under training by his friend Ferazel.

    Transparency: Makes the caster invisible for a short duration. The spell consumes mana very fast.

    Bloodboil: A very painful spell makes the enemys blood heat up, making the body explode.

    Exorcism: An upgraded version of "charm" makes all evil vanish from a target.

    Hellfire: Rogan learned this spell from Tavaras book. The spell is strong enough to wipe out four drunkards and a tavern wall ;) (see: Tavern continued topic)

    Rune of alarm: Rogan made this spell himself. Once the rune is placed somewhere, it will freeze anyone who steps on it (similar to a holding spell) and send a signal to the caster. This is perfect for catching burglars. The "dispel rune" does not work on this rune.

    Dispel rune of alarm: Duh!

    A water elemental: Posted Image

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  • Talos's special spells/skills:

    1. Fire scimatar: recently made, allows for a scimitar to be blessed so that it lights streaks of the air on fire when swung.

    2. Exploding rune: A complicated rune that will explode with a decent radius when stepped on by friend or foe.

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  • Slayer has the ability to use many spells. Here are some of the more interesting ones.

    Return to Past- This spell transports the user back in time by a couple days. This spell costs a large amount of mana. Indeed, so much mana is consumed that Slayer is unable to use this spell unless his power is somehow supplemented.

    Create Undead- Learned from Tavara's Journal, this spell has the power to turn a dead creature into an undead creature. Unfortunately, Slayer lacks the ability to control the undead he creates.

    Summon Demon- Another from Tavara's journal, this spell will summon a demon that Slayer cannot control. Like the undead spell, it isn't much good to Slayer.

    Destroy Replicas- More from Tavara's journal. If an object has been magically duplicated, this spell will destroy all copies, leaving the original as the only one in existance. Slayer has, so far, never used this spell. It should be noted that "Destroy Replicas" doesn't work on things created by "Replicate Self."

    Replicate Self- Yet another spell found in Tavara's Journal. This spell duplicates the caster and everything he is wearing, though the magical capabilities of any items are not reproduced in the duplicates. Replicate Self is VERY taxing, both mentally and physically. In addition, the clone tends to be evil.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • Distortion: causes enemy's mind to fli, therefore fighting for its initial enemies' side

    Dark Strike:Similar to lightning strike but instead of just zapping the enemy, it shrouds their vision, temperarily blinding them

    Darkness Waves:Like a paralyzing spell which also curses all it hits, be it friend or foe.

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  • MacMan's only spell as of now:

    Invisibility: Renders the caster invisible for a short ammount of time. In his case, long enough to evade a capturing party.

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  • Are these spells that you created in the game, or are they just for the stories that are posted on the webboard?

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  • Since spells can't be created in the game, I'd have to say that these are spells people just made up for stories.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • Those are two spells Moonshadow created (she needs her staff or some other focus to make them work)

    Direction Rune is something like a waypoint and using the spell
    Detect D. Rune brings her and everyone else who holds either the focus or the user to this 'waypoint'

    She's also able to 'translate' spells into music. It saves mana but it takes more time.

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  • -------- now:This is a spell that will create anything.To make it work say mace now and it would appear in your hands if you wanted a mace.If you wanted 1,000 obiloi then you would just say 1,000 obiloi now.You can create anything and as many of that thing as you want.You could also call this spell anything now.(5 mana for small things,10 for medium things,15 for large things,and 20 for huge things.)
    control:A spell made to control anything or anybody.(takes 10 mana)just say control and then say what or who you want to control.
    storm-it makes any kind of storm that you want.(6 mana per hour)
    potion making-It makes potions for 1mana.It reads your mind to know what potion to make.

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  • Added two nice spells today :)

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  • JackFrost's known spells:

    Jack knows many powerfull spells he learnd from under Pynx, unfortuantely they corrupted him with power. Here is one. (will put up the others when he feels like it :p)

    Black-Ribbon: creates a thick black ribbon that shoots out of his hand and wraps around a foe, tieing it up so that it can't move.


    Lindor's known spells:

    Although Lindor never studied in the magical arts, after his friends released him from the throws of an evil spell of life-essence-draining (The Tale of Treasure), he found himself with strange energy flowing through him. With DF's tutorship, he has learned the following spells:

    Darkblade Enchantment (Fire): Enchants a sword with a fire attack. Although powerfull, this spell is so expensive Lindor can only cast it if his mana has been stored up for a long while, and even then it exhausts him into immediate sleep. Lindor has yet to learn if this spell has any limitations...

    Shadow Aura: Makes the caster and all of his equipment look as if it is a cloudy night out. Variation: when used with the Darkness Burst spell, they can combine and make the Death Aura spell.

    Darkness Burst: When cast, a sphere of darkened air surrounds the caster and then expands, seriously damaging everything in the affected area. Variation: when used with the Shadow Aura spell, they can combine and make the Death Aura spell.

    Death Aura: Another powerfull spell, this spell seems to be created when Shadaw Aura and Darkness Burst are cast and held together, turning the skin black. This spell shatters seamingly everything within it's radius, which can be expanded with the will of the caster. This spell consumes an additional three mana per square foot per second, and so can't be maintained for long.

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  • Oblivion - J.Ace21 first used this spell by accident when he and his group were trapped in a strange dimension and had hostile natives charging them. It change all or almost all of the users mana(and any other surrounding mana) to a very power explosive destroying pretty much anything around. WARNING because this was a spell created by accident it should not be used unless in complete emergency. J.Ace is working on perfecting the spell but until then he has swore that he won't teach anybody this spell except for very specific people. The problem is that this spell can also drain life force from the user or anything near the user. the explosion might destroy the user as well.

    • People that know this spell *
      J.Ace21 ;)

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  • GameFanatic--
    Rune of Babbling--Causes enemy to stand where it is, not able to say or do anything but babble.

    Full Nexus--Fanatic catst a strange rune in front of anything important. He can then warp there instantly.

    Learn spell--Fanatic automatically learns any custom spell.

    Fire, Water, Lightning elementals--Fanatic creates these humanoid looking shapes seemeng to be carved out of Fire, Lightning and Water themselves.


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  • storm-it makes any kind of storm that you want.(6 mana per hour)


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