Udations {Story Characters and Spells}

  • This is my idea for this thread: to keep people updated about when your character/character's spells have been updated. I have no clue how this will go, but here goes...Oh! And please don't use this if you changed something as insignificant as "Old Age: 30, New Age: 31"

    1/11/00 - Character: Lindor: created backgroud of mana and modified mana ability.
    1/11/00 - Spells: Lindor: created spells.

    crosses fingures and hopes for the best

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  • Note to all: Don't bring back the Character info topic just to keep it on top. It gets to be a pain to have to go through and delete all those posts.


    1-1-01 Complete rewrite of Avatara and Tyrael's history. Most "unknown" references have been removed and others will be explained in the proper story as time progresses.

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