New Chronicles 1/8

  • Since my Tuesdays are going to be very busy for the next five months, I've decided to move chronicles day up to Monday.

    This week's chronicle is brought to us by Talos. It is an introduction to the rewritten Once Again story. I, personally, thought he did a very good job retelling this part of the epic story. Keep up the good work, Talos!

    Reminder to everyone else: Submit your chronicles! They don't just have to be stories. They can be soapbox rants, strategy guides, or anything else related to Cythera.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • Nice story. Good that someone else than ,i`m not mentioning any names, posts stories ;)

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  • Well, I just entered in Part One. (Yes, that's correct numbering. The last one was the Introduction.) It took me a while because I had multiple long-term projects all due in a matter of a few days. I've basically gotten through that, so I've had time to finish editing it.

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  • Well, since Rogan and Talos both submitted a story, I guess that means it comes down to the coin to decide who's story gets posted.

    pulls out a shiny coin and flips it

    Rogan calls "heads". After spending what seems like an eternity in the air, it lands...on its side. Everyone stares at it long minutes, but it appearantly isn't planning on moving anytime soon. Avatara gives up and lets Slayer decide who gets to feature the next story.

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