Are they lame?

  • I just downloaded Cythera to try it out. Seems pretty nice, but those guys you get to help you, boy are they stupid. They´re running around in some random building, trapped or whatever, while i get beaten by dozensof ruffians. Is it just me, or do they allways do that?


  • The people that can join you are not dumb. They follow you well in open spaces, but have a little trouble in alleys and forests. This is a result of them being a few paces behind you, or of you quickly changing directions. It is inconvient, but easy to overcome, minute weakness in the game. Try going directly where you want to go without going to look in buildings or switching routes suddenly. Sometimes you have to go back for them a little bit. When you leave or enter a new city/ruin/cave they will be right there with you when you continue from there. May I remind you that computer characters cannot be stupid, they are not real. Cythera is a fun, intricate game and I sugest you register it as it gets even better in the registered version. :)

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    Let`s say that they are just a little dumb ;)

    I`m a bomb technician. If you see me running...try to keep up.

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