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  • Correct me if i'm wrong but i think there is one too many team member places,
    1 for Hector
    1 for Meleager
    1 for Timon
    1 for Aethon
    1 for the sewer rat (if you never bring him to Berossus)
    1 for Araine (if you never bring her to Odemia)
    That makes 6 plus you is 7, that means there's one more empty spot, did i miss someone?

    Thanks in advance for the help. :)

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  • Sewer Rat? Did I miss somthing? Or do you mean punk kid down in the sewer? But, yea, that's about all I know of (minus the sewer rat ;) )

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  • I think someone mentioned this before and if I remember correctly, its because if someone released a plug-in with the editor they could have the main character add up to 7 additional people to help. I'm guessing it was an idea that will most likely not be implemented, even more so since the editor won't be released any time soon (if ever).

    Don't complain about the editor though, that'd be a fatal mistake. :)

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    Originally posted by Theo Nean Donly:
    Oh, and welcome to the webboard:D
    ( :p Rogan)


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