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  • I made this a new subject because I didn't really want to revive the old one from about a month ago.

    Name: TheDarkDragon
    Level: N/A
    Age: 1000 Eternities
    Species: PlanesWalker (kind of like Cipher from the Cipher manuscript)
    H/P: 0 (appears in a ghostlike form)
    M/P: Virtually Infinite (Has a draw back, read on)
    Best Skills: PlaneShifting, Revive, Acertainment, Telekenesis (Pacifist only)

    TheDarkDragon was born at the begining of time (apx. 1000 eternities ago, not impossible, as Jhiaxus has been around for 120) as one of two brothers who's destiny was to walk the astral plane searching for the PlanesMaster who will bring the end to the cosmos as we know it. Upon landing on Cythera 3 years ago, he found that he could not shift off, due to the intense powers of the elements on this world. The only way he can leave is to find the BaneStone (if you know what this is please do not say anything) and unlock it's ultimate potential. (I may start a team story on this.)

    TheDarkDragon's one disadvantage is that he is a complete pacifist (unable to directly har m anyone), he cannot be killed however for two reasons, 1: He is immortal (Hence his age)
    2: His natural form is ghostlike and transparent. He has nothing against harming people but is physically unable. He can indirectly harm things (for instance calling Rogan to come beat the crap out of it).

    As his brother Cipher died (not exactly died, but this is included in my chronicle I wrote if Slayer would post it ;) ) he is probably the oldest being in existance.
    Upon landing on this world he felt a strong presence which he believes to be the PlanesMaster, who could very well be on this world (we'll see who it may or may not be).

    To this day he searches for that which will make him whole, the BaneStone.

    -Anything that I may have missed here will most likely be included in my chronicle that may or may not be coming out on monday wink wink. ;)

    My Day Will Come.

  • :frown: I so loved to be able to read all characters in the one thread. sigh Oh, well.

    Name: Night Watcher
    Level: around 10
    Age: around 276 months (hehe, scare you there, didn't I?)
    Race/Profession: Human Assasin
    H/P: around 80
    M/P: around 25
    Best Skills: Stealth, Acting

    Inheriting his name for his constant dealings at night, Night Watcher is a shadow among shadows. Ever the skilled leutenant to sevral theives guilds around the cities of Cythera, NW is currently manipulating the outer-city rogues into a carefull attack against Pynx and the valuable glowing crystals that line it's halls. In Cademia, he is setting up a plan to assasinate the judge.

    Born in Cademia to a homeless rogue by the name of Barith, Night Watcher has slowy but surely worked his way up to the highest of evil standards. He isn't the most feared of his profession, nor the most proficient, but the one thing he has that most other assasins don't is remarkable patience,. Because of this, he is hired for the jobs that are feared to be to boring for most, where the man might jump out too quick, or fall asleep waiting.

    {I don't get to check the board much, so maybe some one could slip a minor role to me in one of the stories somewhere}

  • The Singing Frog
    age: 1
    Weight: 1 lb.
    Max HP: 5
    Max MP: 2
    Abilities: Duplicate
    Origin: the "Just Chat" Web Board
    Description: You don't wanna know.

    I'm about to drop the hammer and dispense some indiscriminate justice!

  • (I can't think of a name so I'm just going to use a name from Star Wars.I don't know if it is spelled right or not.)

    name: Quigon Jin
    hieght: 7 feet 4 inches
    weight: 234 pounds
    mana: 22
    max mana: 52
    casting: 43
    from: A diffrent world, a diffrent time, a diffrent universe.
    level: about 13
    abilities: spells-unkown/bare hand-22/alchamy-23/rune magic-11/mace-53/sword-
    inventory: 2 dragon shields, 1 mace, 2 axes, 1 sword, 72 potions, and 4 ropes
    mind: 21
    reflex: 42
    body: 23



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