making cloth and a BLUE cristal ball

  • What is the point of making cloth? I havent found any way to sell it or wear it .....

    And I dunno if you guys are like me and once in a while you like to save the game and start doing the stupedest things I can think of in the game, for example killing Alarik or the headmaster in Phyx or killing the entire town of Odemia...(this last one was strangely satiffing), but any way in LKH I went to the room where you find the remote control and used that crystal ball that i found under Pnyx trying to see if there was anything worth casting a spell and wasting time getting the energy back and bla bla bla, but I didnt realize that I was facing left and not up and I looked past the wall, past the secret passege and past that wall and i saw the strangest thing; a BLUE crystal ball and a dresser in a gray area, and Im like "Holy giant caneries Batman!!!!!!" wait no thats a drifferent story..... But any way is that part of the game and dont have to mess with it just yet or is that some kind of super mega life saving secret??? or maybe just a mistake in the game, and I havent done any searching on the topic and Slayer site isnt working at this time which makes me mad because Im stuck in the game :angry lkfghjdkfghjghghghjghjlglghbhdfhsj;fghjghhghgh (banging my head on the keyboard) *sigh that doesnt help one bit but I cant help it, my appolegies

    and please forgive my spelling in this and in any other posts....

    wow its late, I got to sleep....

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  • Yes, everyone who has played Cythera a good bit has noticed the "secret room" in LKH. No one, however, seems to be able to get to it. However, I don't think anyone has ever tried to fetch the wall.

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  • Quote

    Originally posted by Talos:
    **I don't think anyone has ever tried to fetch the wall.

    That, of course, is because walls can't be fetched.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • THINKS If there was only a Cythera editor, that could be released (hard or not, I DON"T CARE DANGIT, whoa sorry bout that)then I could place all the oh so very annoying great secret rooms that I want, just for fun. If only....

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