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  • Hi I hardly ever post here and I'm pretty far back in the game, but something is really bugging me. I finally got to the little underground place in Kosha, but everytime I go down there, Pelagon/Magpie kills me. Is there anything I can do about this right now, or maybe later? I ordered the hint book, so maybe that will help when it comes.

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  • You have to complete "free maayti" mission. Then go down in the grotto and refuse to give away the crolna.

    BTW, you have to answer "yes" on the last question cuz he asks: "Do we have to take it by force?" Stupid me answered "no" and got killed...three times :rolleyes:

    You also need the three crolna pieces in your main inventory, and the two first ones should be merged together.

    Hope it helps.

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