Darn and were do I start?

  • Somebody threw my whole folder away and so I lost all my games in the folder and I really miss my Cythera games :frown: Also when I try to start a new game I always mess up and have to start all over from the start.(I don't save my games very often.)


  • ??? (What are you asking?)

    Well, if your games got deleted, you have to start at the start. And the lesson I learned is that you should always save the game right before fighting the ruffians that are guarding Adriene (sp?)

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  • My three rules:

    Save often

    Save much

    Save a lot

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  • quote:
    ??? (What are you asking?)

    I ment I would like the first couple steps.Please.


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  • Ok...

    Get Hector (Talk to Hadrian, tell him "son". Talk to Hector, tell him "join"

    I always start with Catamarca, the plague.

    Then go do the Araine (i believe that's the right spelling) thing with the kidnapping.

    Then go to the magesterium and learn magic as well as show the crystal to lindus and then continue on from there.

    (Not too many spoilers here I hope, last post with spoilers got dumped. By the way remember to fix that glitch (to administrators and the like))

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  • Thanks DarkDragon.I just started another game and somebody threw it away too.


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