• how do you get that music that allows you to open doors?
    pleeeeaase help

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    You can`t get a music spell. But you can get some pipes from a certain guy in Odemia and play a certain tune in Kosha...and in the Cademia sewers...

    (url="http://"")Slayer`s guide to Cythera(/url) is a good place to fnd spoilers.

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  • thanks for that

    cythera rules, pc's drool!

  • Wait! I remember reading about Semius the golem hunter in Odemia. It said that he was last seen saying that the key to opening was _ _ _ _(I can't remember the exact letters). When I first played these by a mage locked chest, it said I needed some kind of music program or something, and then it never gave me that message again. Anyone have some answers?

    Oh, and I think what your looking for is the Remove Mage Lock scroll in Kosha. Look in the judge's house at a certain time of day (so you can get past him sitting in the doorway).

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