Newbie Assistance Program.

  • Hi everybody.

    I, TheDarkDragon, am officially openning the newbie assistance program (NAP). Due to the large number of questions here recently (even from experienced players), I am prepared to answer any questions about the land of Cythera (with minimal help from Slayer's Guide to Cythera) for all who care to ask.

    Good Luck with your journeys and of course HAVE FUN!!!

    (This is mostly just to get something new on the boards.)
    Good Luck and Have Fun.
    Remember: Stop school violence or I'll break your legs!!!

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  • OK. Hopefully newbies won't post topics...

    (back to original point)

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  • Its obvious its not working, but the webboard is mainly for people who like Cythera, or who could use a little help, so we'll let the little topics continue. They aren't really doing any harm, and it might get complicated when 8 people have pending questions in one topic.

    In other words, sorry but this topic has become obselete. (sp?)

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