• How do you complete the mission "Negotiate Wine Contract?" I'm simply curious out of my mind!

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  • As far as we know, there isn't a way to. That's just in there to lead you to the way to beat the game hint hint

    However, if anyone does finish it, I would really like ot know how. Although I seriously dought that anyone could succeed where I have failed ;) I even went as far as using the whole crolna on each of the wine containers...nothing. :frown:

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  • Yes, there appears to be no way to beat the wine quest. It does lead you to the end of the game, but we won't give out any spoilers... wink wink

    I may end up making a Cythera-Coldstone type thing. I think it would be a lot of fun, and I could take your suggestions. Don't consider it done, but I have been looking into it... ;)

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  • Yes it IS impossible, I've heard of people e-mailing gandreas asking him how... only to find out that it is a read herring (false clue)

    Hey Talos, if you're gonna work on Cythera/Coldstone, email me and I'll help you work out some of the script and storyline stuff (I suck at EVERYTHING else... So I figure I can at least write ok.). Though I see that you may or may not.

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