New chronicles 3/12

  • This week's chronicle is part two of Heidel's "Ruined Crop" saga. In this installment, Glaucus and Hege visit a city (must be Odemia, since that's the only city north of the vineyard). I seriously recommend reading this one, as it just as good(maybe better) as part one, released two weeks ago. Excellent work Heidel!

    Rogan: We got your submission, we've just had a huge backlog these past several weeks. Yours will be up next week.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • An excellent story! Please post more :)

    Great, you got my story. I was just afraid you didn't, because my pee-cee restarted (for no good reason) right after I posted it.

    I`m a bomb technician. If you see me running...try to keep up.

  • Hi everyone! I'm sorry that I'm not been an active poster on this board. Unfortunately time is limited -- it's not always time to do the things you like.

    I must say that I'm almost blushing from your praise for "A ruined crop" - thanks.

    The story is built for small concepts and sketches for other fantasy short stories I've written trough the years. To put any speculation to rest -- it's not "blue printed" from an existing novel (I do not endorse the act of piracy, no matter what area.) And no, I'm not a professional writer -- but how I would love to be that someday!

    If I could ask you guys and girls a favour, it would be: Please critize my stories. Hack them to pieces if you find inconsistencys (sp), if the portraits of the people lack depth or colour and if you think they're too long (or short). Please - I can only write better stories if I know what you like to read.

    Take care everyone, Heidel


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