Prusa and the sapphire book.

  • Prusa won't give me the sapphire book.(Not that I need it.I fetched open the 8th Degree Hall.)I have all the other sapphire books.But I still want her sapphire book.


  • Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk some more, sleep, return, repeat ;)

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  • I've been doing that and she isn't giving it to me.


  • Just keep talking, (she's a stubborn ol' mule isn't she!)
    It took me something like 6-8 days to get her to fork it over.

    Make sure you save RIGHT afterwards or you'll regret it! (trust me, another 4-5 days on the clock)

    Good Luck and Have Fun!

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  • If she wont give the book to you there is always a way to dupe sapphire books with out any spells.......(If you want to know how just ask agian)
    Tycho Maudd

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  • I aleady gave Selinius(sp)all the nine sapphire books that I found.So I can't dupe them.I have the spell duplicate.I have all the spells I can learn.I remember reading that if you have magic stuff she will give it to you right away.But. I have all the magic stuff accept the mistic spear.


  • ok, there are ten sapphire books, used for one quest, and no good past there right?
    they're all (exept prusa's) fairly easy to get, so why would you need to replicate them?
    Grapper, if you think (i really don't know this for a fact) that prusa will give it to you if you have the spear... then go get it! ;)

    oh well, GL ever-body

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