A question with a MAJOR spoiler

  • I finished Cythera last night. And I've got a question about the ending.

    I'm warning you. I'm talking about the ending of the game here. Read no further unless you want to have it spoiled.

    Good. Now that you're still reading this, when I cure Alaric, he turns into Pelagon and sends me back to the world from which he took me. The ending says that I have plunged Cythera into total darkness. Is this the only ending? Is there another, happier ending?

  • Yes, there is a much happier ending! Well, it's a little bit better anyway. Charax might be able to help you.

    If you want a spoiler, check out http://www.sweepies....era/cythera.htm

  • The seldane will give you a clue about the quality of the Crolna. Go back and talk to them one more time. Everything should pretty much fall into place after that.


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