Liches and the other crystal ball

  • I killed the lich on the first level in the strong hold (not the disappearing one) and went off to kill any other undead lurking about,
    when I got around the building out side of the room that the lich came from it told me that a lich was attacking Meleager and had
    already killer Timon. Does this mean that liches become un-undead after you kill them in their undead state? If so is there anyway to
    damn them to eternal dead undeadness?
    And on the second floor down (the one with the Will to Union ring on it) a lich has a purple crystal ball in its room. After I had
    been carrying it around a bit I saw that my spell points were low. Then I tried using the ball and my spell points dropped some more. Is
    it some kind of cursed object?

  • Concerning the liches: I never found a way to make sure they stay dead consistently. Sometimes they won't come back until you leave that location (i.e. go back to the "outside" world and then re-enter). Other times, they reappear as soon as you go far a certain distance away, and still other times if you go down some stairs or a ladder and come back up.

    The purple crystal ball is not a cursed object - it can be useful if you want to use it. I don't remember exactly what the purple one does but I think it acts as a farsight spell/potion. Also, you can get a green crystal ball and a blue crystal ball, which all do something. I didn't particularly care for them though because they cost 10 magic points per use, and have a limited number of uses. Of course, that's just my opinion - maybe you'll like them and use them until you can use them no more :-)

  • Concerning crystal balls:

    Purple: Detects secrets
    Green: Looks in front of you
    Blue: Equivalent to far-sight potion

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