New chronicles 4/16

  • This week Rogan brings us part 8 of his "Book of Tavara" series. In this chapter, the gang has to fight an evil creature known as Kushluk. It's an entertaining read, so I suggest that you read it, especially if you've enjoyed the previous segments.

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  • It's up! This is part eight of ten, so it should be finished soon.

    When it's finished, I plan to post my account of the Undine Stronghold, parts 3+. Part three is already posted. (Looks like a lot of backlog coming in the near future :D )

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    Originally posted by Rogan:
    **Looks like a lot of backlog coming in the near future:D

    We already have one! Not a complaint, though. It's far better to have a lot of chronicles than none at all. Keep the submissions coming, everyone!

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