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    Originally posted by me, a few days ago:
    **Yeah. I guess the editor is too powerful. But! There might be a way to control it's power. In the heading of the Cythera world data, there could be a way that you can't open the origional world with the editor, like in Squish. Maybe read only, though.


    Don't you agree?

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  • Glenn said that the editor is:

    1. Too buggy for actual use without experience (you could severly ruin something)

    2. Has the ability to disable the requirement to register Cythera (even if you couldn't open the old world, new worlds would still use Cythera)

    3. Not going to be released.

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  • We would all like to have an editor, but it's not going to happen. Someone will let us know if this will ever change. Just use Coldstone when it comes out if you feel like making your own RPG.

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