Would you call this a "bug" in Cythera?

  • Let's face it. Jason's already going to eat bugs next year after a few of the problems were unearthed in Cythera, so that's not my reason for this posting.

    My character in Cythera is a female. There are a few characters who refer to my character in the third person, most notably what'shisname, Opheltius's younger brother, who's always hanging around the bar and inn in Odemia. (When you talk to him, he always says "There he is!"

    Would you call it a bug that my female character, when referred to in the third person, is a "he"?

    Let's face it. Try to talk to someone -- anyone -- who is asleep, and that someone suddenly takes on a plurality because the system says "They are asleep," which should only apply to a sleeping seldane.

  • Many characters seem to have trouble identifying gender in this game.

    Once, I started a game as a woman, then went back to my game where I was a guy. Ascalon learned the hard way that he shouldn't say "There she is!" to a guy with a mystic sword.

  • Wouldn't that make you really evil? I myself wouldn't want to have to make everyone leave because they would keep killing me. Once I mixed up the t key and the a key and killed Charax. Timon confused me and Hector and Meleager battered me to bits. Didn't that happen to you?

  • If you kill someone or steal something or do something a little ignoble, the other members in your party will start to attack you, but all you have to do is leave the town in which you did the deed, and they'll stop....

    I found that out when I killed a beggar in Cademia I would have rather talked to...

  • I, of course, reverted after I killed the guy.

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