The Coming of the Dragon (team story)

  • My first try at a team story (wish me luck)

    Rogan, Avatara, and the others are sitting in the bar doing nothing in particular when a drunkard stands up and looks out the window. "Whell, woulsh ya look at dat? Shom fella is settin up a lit'l shack."
    The group slowly walks outside and greets the shadowy looking man.
    "Who are you?" one of them asks.
    "Greetings, I am... a traveler from the far south."
    "In the swamp?" asks Avatara.
    "Er.. somewhere near there." he responds.
    "Do you have a name?"
    "Many, but you may call me Dark Dragon. Say aren't you the insert cool team name here 's?"
    "Yes, you've heard of us?" says Rogan.
    "I am studying the people of this area, I require a valuable emerald I have heard exists in the mountains to the west of here, if you are interested in coming with me..."

    *OOC I didn't read the entire 9+ pages of the tavern so I can only assume it's the tavern in Cademia or Catamarca :) *

    My Day Will Come.

  • (I've always thought it just on the east side of the mountains, of course...only Talos knows really where it is)

    Avatara, obviously drunk at the time (why would I stick around Rogan :D ;) ) decides to agree...with the reason that "emeralds are shiny". :)

    (this can amount to something interesting)

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  • Of course Talos cannot come because he's still on the quest for the Evil Clone (or getting back from it), and can't be in two places at once.

    However, his alter-ego, Seliochos, a skilled cleric and defense-spell magician, comes in and decides to join.

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  • Fanatic gets up.
    "I'll come," he says.
    "sure" said DarkDragon

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  • "ok let's go, anyone else who wants to join can catch up. the emerald is located on a small island just south of the south swamp."

    The group marches off toward the south.

    "So what are we getting for reward here?" Asks Talos' alter ego.

    "Whatever you want, within reason." the still mysterious figure responds.

    "Well, given the shape that shack you were setting up was, I'd say you aren't an overly rich person. So how about some information instead." said Avatara.

    "Very well, what about?"

    "Well for starters, who you really are and where you really came from." said Fanatic.

    "Alright... I suppose I've already made my presence known so someone would figure it out eventually. I shall tell you all you wish to know."

    anyone else can join, just show up along the way, you probably already know this so it's really more of a courtesy (sp?) statement

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  • "Hey, wait up!" Rogan yells as he approaches the others. "I just had to get to my house and pick up a few things, my bag..." Rogan is interrupted by Avatara (who is sobering up): "And some wine, I suppose?" Rogan smiles and responds "Enough to everybody. And I brought some potions too, if we should encounter poison snakes or something."

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  • As they start of again a dark shady character with a hat pulled down over his face so you could only see his mouth followed them.He tried not to be seen by them.

    (I would like it if my character would stay unrevealed for a while.)


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  • Suddenly, in his now sober state, Avatara stepped in front of the mysterious figure (not Grapper, the other one) and forced him to stop in his tracks.

    "Whoa there, how about you tell us about yourself first and why we're going after this emerald?"

    "I'm a controversial figure. My friends either dislike me or hate me."

  • "Hmm, well, how about I give you something to go on..." said the mysterious Dark Dragon.

    "Go on."

    "I am a kind of sorcerer from very far away, farther than you have ever been. I am much much older than you are, and will die long after you will. But I have one fault, and that is that I am a pacifist and cannot directly hurt any being. So therefore you see that you are in no danger from me. Enough?"

    "And about the emerald?"

    "It is no danger to you either but you will see it's use soon enough." he responded.

    "This better get a whole lot more descriptive when we get back to the tavern." said Avatara.

    "As you wish."

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  • The group walked for hours until they reached a lake with a small island in the middle and a few sandbars leading out to it.

    Suddenly, a giant scylla rose out of the water, ready to attack. The group turned to find that their mysterious friend had vanished!

    Now they had but one choice; fight, or die (running would be dishonorable. :) ).

    (this would be a good spot for you to come in grapper)
    (someone else besides me post! ;) )

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  • Avatara, having slain many scylla over the years, decided it would be better to let someone else take it on, and stood off to the side where he observed quietly.

    "I'm a controversial figure. My friends either dislike me or hate me."

  • Fanatic turned to where Darkdragon was.
    fine. be that way, fanatic thought.
    but they had more pressing matters to attend to.

    I'm about to drop the hammer and dispense some indiscriminate justice!

  • Rogan drew his sword, the Excalibur, ready to fight the monster...

    I`m a bomb technician. If you see me running...try to keep up.

  • The Scylla whipped at Rogan, he blocked with excalibur and cut the giant serpent.
    Talos (as I will probably refer to his alter ego due to bad memory) sliced at it's head while Rogan tried to keep it's tentacles at bay. Finally in one fell swoop Talos cut the scylla right beneath it's eye and it fell to the ground.

    An eerie silence swept over the area... suddenly the scylla exploded! Guts rained down on our heros (been readin too many comic books) and calm was restored.

    Avatara, who had killed millions ( ;) ) of scylla in his time was surprised, as he had never seen one do that before.
    "That was weird... They've never done that before. Where did our friend go off to anyway?"
    said Avatara.
    Everyone kinda shrugs as they decide what to do now...
    "I say we keep going. Emeralds are sparkly" said Rogan.
    "Ok, then when we get back, if we find our friend we'll give it to him and demand our reward." said Talos.
    And so they continued onward toward the island.

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  • As they approach the island they hear a loud roar and hurry to see what it is as if they are eager to meet danger face to face.They look for 10 miutes but find nothing. Suddenly they hear another roar from the east and run east.They find a large demon fighting with a dark shady character.(That would be Quigon Jin.)They rush to help.(Darkdragon, I would have come in when you suggested but I have not been on the internet for a couple days.)Just as they are nearing them Quigon stashes the demon into two pieces.


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  • Quote

    Originally posted by TheDarkDragon:
    **"I say we keep going. Emeralds are sparkly" said Rogan.

    Millions? My character is good, but millions?... And I said that, not Rogan! :)

    "I'm a controversial figure. My friends either dislike me or hate me."

  • *You said they were shiny :D *
    *Millions is semi sarcasm, hence the grin, :D :D , besides, don't doubt your own ability :D *

    "Uh hi, Qui-Gon Jinn (actual spelling :) ) we're just heading off to get a strange emerald for someone we've never met and may never see again but could be cursed or something and we really don't know so..." Rogan trails off as he gasps for breath.

    "Eh... ok."

    The party hops across the stone to the big Island in the Stream (my first music title pun), there they find a large cave sealed by a forcefield.

    "Anyone got any of those little magic rocks to open this?" said Avatara
    "Yeah I got one." said Qui-Gon, pulling out a small rock and holding it at the field.
    "Hmm... nothing happened, maybe we should answer this riddle on the wall." said Rogan
    "Alright the riddle reads...

    (Please don't post something from the hall of truth, everyone knows or should know those answers ;) )

    Just realized there were waay too many smilies here, sorry.
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  • Ekindu Cyclops :)

    Stay on subject!! But you're free to join.

    P.S. I'm a magic player too.
    P.P.S. By your new sig I see that you are a Rage fan aswell.

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  • A black dot suddenly appears on the horizon, shouting, "Hello, who are you I'm..." It's voice trails off as he sees that the party is busy. The dot starts walking towards the island where all the others are. Eventually the dot turns into a man with black chainmail and a few dozen torches. As he edges closer to the island, he decides that now's not a good time and also decides to stand back and watch for a while.

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