Unfinished Business

  • Okay. Now that I've finished the game, there are still a few questions that never got answered:

    What happened to Larisa and her less-than-trusty sidekick Joppa?

    On that same token, after Opheltius was murdered, Myus disappeared. What happened to him?

    Is there any way of getting Hebe and Antenor back together?

    Is there any way of convincing the miners that Jhiaxus won't hurt them?

    I know that the Northshore Vineyard problem (and the wine contract) are red herrings, but I feel bad for Glaucus and Apis... Is there anything I can do for them?

    How am I supposed to pronounce "UrSylph"? I'm leaning towards "Yourself." Does it make a difference whether or not you liberate it? (I did...)

    I never did get the disappearing fortress not to disappear. And I never found myself back in Omen's lair. Were I to try to do so now, would it have any serious impact on the outcome?

  • What happens if you liberate UrSylph? He just kept moving from side to side when I got some of the force wall down. I think Myus is under Kosha but I don't remember. Nothing really special happens if you get into Omen's test(if that's what you mean by his lair.) That's all I can answer(I haven't finished yet)

  • BTW, Omen's Test/Lair is located under Cademia, past one of the "no apparent way to operate" secret doors. There's a lever hidden somewhere in town that will open it, but there's nothing of interest in the Test that wasn't there before. It's kinda neat, though.


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