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  • the one thing I am worrying about is how to complete "Negotiate Wine Contract". I can complete everything else but how do you do that? any ideas? I've checked Slayer's guide to Cythera and it doesn't say! Help me here!?!?


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  • You can't comlete that mission. That mission however doesn't need to be because it leads to the end of the game.

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    Quote ViaVoice, "Hal Cohen help build Satam sand scratch a flat surface scratches that some scratch that scratches that scratch facts scratcher wraked this scratched tax costs tax this. " Is this ViaVoiceian?

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  • That's silly because in the To Do list you can have more ticks instead of having one left to do under Cure Alaric if you're nearky finished. AND you can get OBOLOI! But why did Naxos want to buy all the wine he could get from Borus???


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    Originally posted by Beatrix:
    **But why did Naxos want to buy all the wine he could get from Borus???


    Because he knew about Glaucus' wine problem and wanted to buy all the wine from Borus so no one else but house Comana could sell wine in Cythera. With the problems on Glaucus' farm, he would make a lot of money by buying Borus' wine and selling it for a higher prize. He's a smart little bastard...

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