Ignae and UrSylph

  • I may been missing something like STUPID!!! here but please can you tell exactly where Ignae is and where and how to get to UrSylph??? I really wanna know, even though I've finished the game. I think it's cool you don't have to do so much to finish the game!! The annoying thing is Timon keeps dying and when you've got Dryas he dies too-Dryas dies of rats and poisoning. Iget SOOO annoyed with them both!


  • To get to Ursylph:

    There is an inland lake above the swamp, go to the pylon on the western side and use a crolna on it. Now you can walk to the center island. Dig around with a shovel until you find a hole, it shouldn't take to long. After that, ignore the Omen's warning not to go down there, and do go down. Walk along the path of fire, through the shallow water, and there you go.

    To get to Ignae:

    I'm not quite sure on this one (some one else can fix what's wrong), but go to the Cave on the mountain range north of the bandit camp, same side. Go north, and down the rope hanging there. Expand your viewing screen to as large as it will go. Walk down as far south as you can go (this is what I'm not sure of). You should be able to see him. If not, he's somewhere in that cave...

    Hope this helps.

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  • Thanks, that does help, I never really discovered that island before. But Ignae? I never really saw him when Iwas in those caves.


  • Ignae kind of blends in with the lava, but you can see him if you look a carefully.

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  • Quote

    Originally posted by Slayer:
    **Ignae kind of blends in with the lava, but you can see him if you look a carefully.


    Also, he'll be kind of distant- there's not enough "crossable" lava to get next to him. Even if he is relatively close to the bottom edge of your screen, you can talk to him. His coloring is the same as lava, but he has an easy-to-see human form: he looks like magpie dressed in orange in red.

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  • Beatrix, one easy way to keep Timon and the others in your permanent party from dying is to ask them all to wait for you in a safe place, like the aboveground entrance to the sewers. Just be sure to come back and collect them when you get back.

    As for Dryas, it is a good idea to walk ahead of him and whack the ratlizards with that great, whacking sword you carry. If he is poisoned, use your mage spells to heal him, use a healing or antidote potion on him, or wait until he dies and use the necklace on him.

    The only time I've found when it's a bad idea to leave your cronies outside a danger area (provided you are careful to gain lots of experience and training first) is when you're up against harpies or litches. In those cases it is useful to have other targets for the bad guys.

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  • By the way, liches are liches not litches. Sometimes I am the one who gets posioned or badly hurt and I sometimes run out of magic use when fighting stuff, like in the cove south of Kosha. That sometimes REALLY bothers me. Thanks for help with finding Ignae and UrSylph. Ignae is really weird, do you agree?


  • Yeah, Ignae is an odd duck ;)

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  • to find iganae you have to make the viewing window become as large as possible by pulling down the lower right hand corner. then if you stand at the edge of the lava you should be able to see him.

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