secret passage

  • there's a secret passage in a building in the north part of the maze in Cademia. How do I get through the secret passage? it says that theres no obvious way to operate it. do i need to use a musical instrument? also, is there only one Omen test, or more, because in the first one he says that you might come back, i think. help!

  • Okay. You need to operate a lever. It's in House Comana, Cademia. Just do some exploring. You need to move something to find it. By the way, Omen's Test is related to the secret passage!


  • The lever is actually under something (can't remember what) that you need to move. Propably a plant or a crate.

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  • I thinks it's under a crate. If not you can't blame me for trying to be helpful... :)

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