Super-basic newbie question: Where are all the beasties?

  • Oh dear, I fear I'm hooked. But my level 1 character sucks wind against most things, so I need to gain levels. Trouble is, I can't find anything to kill that doesn't kill me first, except the ruffians who stole Ariadne. Midnight, noon, dawn or dusk, where are the fabled bandits? Where's the promised game? Etc, etc.


  • Nonaggressive animals tend to be located in the woods to west of the mountains, and also upstream of the river Sitia(the one that empties out at Cademia). Bandits are located in the woods south of Pnyx, and in Cademia's slums at night. More dangerous critters can be found in the cave south of Kosha(tough to kill), in Cademia's sewer system(poisonous!), and the swamp(poisonous snakes and tough gators). There are other places, too, but those should get you started.

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  • Also, you can get many characters in the beginning to help you. You can get hector before you ever leave LandKing hall, (not including omen's test...) and he's great at hand-to-hand combat. If you don't know how to get him, just ask in another post... I'm too lazy to repost it if it's not necessary. :)

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  • Thanks for the replies--I guess I expected there would be monsters everywhere, as in most RPG's. Cythera is definitely not your regular RPG...


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