Poison trick

  • Sorry if this is already known.

    I just discovered that if you tell your companions to wait, and then walk out of sight, poison (and probably other states as well, such as hunger or confusion) will be cleared off them.

    There are so many exploits in this game, it makes me wonder how the readme can claim no known issues. Oh well.


  • cool, thx i never knew that.
    Tycho Maudd

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  • Huh? I've done that somewhat maybe heaps of times and that doesn't work for me.
    Oh well, maybe it's a bug or I'm not doing it right.


  • Thank you and welcome to the webboards!

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  • Thats teh second time you have welcomed Ryos here Rogan :p

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  • Huh. I just tried it again, and it didn't work. What did I do the first time?

    1. I told my whole party to wait (consisting of Hector and Meleager, the latter being poisoned).
    2. Meleager was wearing Omen's ring.
    3. I was in Eioneus' cave (probably not important, but included for thoroughness' sake)
    4. I talked to Ignae out of their sight, then walked past them to talk to Eioneus (again out of their sight).
    5. When I returned, Meleager was no longer poisoned.

    One of those things is the key to the exploit. I'll have to test this more thoroughly.


  • I think that to make this work, you have to do one of two things.

    a) Walk into a different area (with a different overveiw map and title)

    :p Walk a certain distance away in the same map. I'm not exactly sure on this one, but I think that you need to walk just past not being able to see the area your companians are in on the magic mapping scroll.

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