New Chronicles 5/28

  • This week, Heidel brings the conclusion to his "Ruined Crop" story. In this chapter learns all about his parents from Glaucus. I must say, this is excellent work. You can get to it (url="http://" &number;=52&forum;=*Cythera+Chronicles&DaysPrune;=25&article;=000035&startpoint;=")here(/url).

    We're still running a little low on chronicles. If you have any stories you'd like told, please submit them to our chronicles page.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • Excellent work, Heilde! (edit: "Heilde"?! Must have been really tired...correction: Excellent work, Heidel!)

    And my part nine of ten in the "book of Tavara" story has been posted...coming soon to a chronicles area near you...

    Not charmed, just pissed off

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  • Hm... I haven't posted "Once Again..." in a while. Quite simply, I've been too busy with hundreds of other things, at least. Here are a few:

    1. Reading the whole of the Nova bible, as I will eventually have to code two full TCs.
    2. Getting experience with Lightwave, as I have to do the full graphics sets for two TCs, and around twelve other ships.
    3. Updating the "Olympus Wars" site and getting it ready for public debut.
    4. Visiting IRC and wasting time there. :p
    5. Playing Planetarion, where I am the MoD of my galaxy.
    6. Writing the plotlines and stories for Olympus Wars, which will hopefully go on the EV chronicles eventually.
    7. Lots and lots of work, which gobbles the remaining time.

    Once I get some free time, I'll get a new "Once Again" done... until then...

    Oh, and excellent work Heidel.

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