• It's possible that I'm just stating the obvious here, but I have a strong suspicion as to what happened to Tavara. In the second mountain stronghold (the one that disappears if you don't have the ring) there is a lich at the very center, he doesn't try to attack you, he just stands. If I recall correctly the book that explains lichs says that they are the result of an undead spell being placed on oneself. Has anyone tried talking to that lich? I think that there is a very good chance that it is Tavara. That coupled with the information from UrSylph makes it look very likely.


  • The leach didn't say anything when I tried.But that was a good idea.I never would have thought of it.


  • when in the chambers below the 1st stronghold, if you use the green crystal, you will see severl paths, and rooms beyond what you have been to. I can't a way to access them.

  • Try casting revive on the lich before talking to him.

    I doubt it'll work but I've never tried it.

    I'll take that nickel and raise you a grand. -TheDarkDragon

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