Firesprites(Ignae) (possible spoiler)

  • I'm sure that most of us have seen three of the four elemental spirits. Earth being seldane, air being sylphs, and water being undine(Pelagon).

    My question: Has anyone seen a living ignae, a fire spirit? A certain book in LKH refers to Firesprites, which are undoubtedly the ignae. I'm pretty sure that Jinrai was a dead one.

  • The fire sprite guy is in the cave with Eioneus(sp?). As you walk down towards Eioneus, there is a point where the entire cavern is lighted due to the lava. Look closely in the lava on the right hand portion of the screen and you should see him.

  • Were do you find the Sylphs?

  • The Sylphs are located on a little island west of Kosha. You have to use the Crolna on the standing stone obelisk thing and it will raise a bridge from the depths of the water. Once over there, you'll have to dig to uncover a cave. Down in the cave in a locked room and behind a forcefield, you'll find the Sylphs.

  • i was not able to see any thing but lava there. is there a certain place in the lava? also slayer i thank Jinrai was a undine because Jhiaxus said that she was of the water element.

  • Also, Jinrai says something about the Land and the Sea not being able to mix. Since Seldane are the Earth, it makes sense that her people are the Sea (the Undine). Guess that explains the war between the Seldane and the Undine...

  • I was not able to find anything in the cave with eioneus....... Can you be more specific as to where this sprite is located????

  • Location of Ignae: Enter the cave with Eioneus. Go to the northern section of the cave and climb down (as if you were going to see Eioneus). Walk down the cavern until you come to an area which is completely lighted because there is lava on your left and on your right. Head towards the wall on your right and if you look closely in the lava on the other side of the wall you will see a yellow guy just standing around waiting for you to talk to him.

  • Is there anyway you can free the sylph? If so what does it do?

  • I destroyed the force wall locking up the sylph but he didn't seem to care and just stayed put.

  • Blowing down the force wall wouldn't help much. I once got rid of some of it and attacked the sylph. He followed me when I went through the door but when I walked several paces into the lava he wouldn't go over the lava. I guess there is no way to free him. :frown: Actually, I might not want to.

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