Version 1.0.4

  • Has anyone else been having problems with the latest Cythera version?
    My version has been having sound problems (the music in Cademia is super-painful) everywhere else it randomly turns on and off.
    My old version 1.0.1 never did this. Unfortunately my dad threw it away.

    I really dislike having my gameplay degraded.


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  • Where do i get the newest version? I am ashamed to say i am still using version 1.0.0 :frown:.

    I was looking at some of the oldest posts yesterday and.........well i can surely say that this weboard is dead in comparison. I went right back to the times when Slayers site was still in progress and all that.... It's so sad to see the entire board "dead" so to speak.

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  • More like, "on vacation". :)

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