• I have all spells you can learn at pnyx and I've got the cancel mage lock spell so thats a few spells (like 40 somthing) but last time I learned a spell It said 49 (maby less) spells out of 70 learned. Where are these other spells? Has anybody else found them?

    P.S. In case you didnt notice Im very new to this web board.


  • Welcome to the webboard! :D

    I've had that same problem and I can only conclude that it is one of a billion bugs in Cythera. Trust me, as far as I know there are no more spells outside of the scroll and the Pnyx.

    Although if you find any, make sure to tell me. :)

    Don't Panic.

  • The "out of 70" refers to your character's intellectual capacity to learn spells. That means that although there are less than fifty spells in the game, if there were more, your character could learn them.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

  • Ok well thanks for your help guys

    (thats funy couse I know a brezerker who could get all spells :)

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