Harpy Egg

  • can someone help me i need to find a Harpy egg?


  • Welcome to the boards Pokemon951357
    "Go to Cademia. In a room just to the northwest of the Two-Tailed Rat inn, there is rope. Take it. Go to the west side of the mountains. A long way south of Pnyx, in seemingly the middle of nowhere, there is a hole in the ground. Go into it. Find a tile along the north edge of the abyss that is called "Rocky outcrop." Use the rope on it. Climb down the rope. Avoid the harpies. Find and take an egg. Get out of there by any means necessary. Go back to Pheres. Talk to him."
    This is quoted from Slayers website.

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  • Just take a look at Slayer's site. The link is in his signature. It explains how to do everything about everything and a few things you would never have found yourself. In fact it's quite possible that no one could ever find them. Which begs the question how they were found in the firstplace.

    Welcome, and if your head hurts reading the stuff above than you will fit in fine here.

    Note that there are some other redily available eggs in the grotto.

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