What Now!!

  • So I've completed the game ....

    there isn't much for me to do (my only use of Slayer's Webpage was when I was completely stuck and found out about putting the first two Crolna together).

    However I feel empty ...

    On the two other Ambrosia games EV & EVO I have the games don't die. Plug-ins and the like allow people to continue to enjoy them for long after the event.

    Is there any hope of similar things happening with Cythera - new (multiple) scenarios et al .....


  • According to a preview in Mac Addict there is supposed to be extra scenarios and a sequel coming out some time...

  • I feel the same way. Cythera just seems limited to me. I mean, the plot was really going on when you get to the point that you have to pay, but after that - eh. And then you're done. Maybe you can play again in 5 years, after you forget everything, but.

    As for sequels - I'd imagine that, with the complexity of designing them, they'd be sold as seperate games. So once you finish the main Cythera scenario, you've gotten all you're getting for your money.

    Not that I'm bitter or anything,

  • If you do the math, if you spend 50 hours playing Cythera, it only costs $0.50 per hour. Or, if you are realy fast, and only take 10 hours, you are only paying $2.50 per hour. That does not seem like too much to pay for a nifty game

  • Sure, but it's all relative. I've probably played Bubble Trouble for at least a thousand hours, which averages out to some infinitesimal (sp?) cost.


  • I was under the impression that new scenarios will be released using the Delver engine, so that subsequent scenarios won't be as expensive as the first game. Sort of like what Fantasoft does with Realmz. Now, that's what was being said a couple of years ago; I have no idea if it's still true today. But it should be.


  • Does anybody have recommendations of other games like Cythera (preferably downloadable from somewhere)? Of course, I would only want something to amuse me until the next game from Ambrosia :)

  • If you're looking for another roleplaying game, try one of the Exile games or Nethergate. They're found at www.spidweb.com.


  • What would sure be nice is a Delver editor. It would be like a Harry editor, but you wouldn't just create a setting and time, but you could create many scenarios that intertwine together in a large plot. That way we can always be playing/designing Cythera's! Wouldn't that be neat?

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