Prusa/Wine contract info. here!

  • Well, you may already know this,(I haven't been here for a while) but I e-mailed Ambrosia about the Prusa problem and the Wine Contract and they said that the Wine Contract is a red herring(meaning, it's just to confuse people) and to get prusa to give you the book you have to talk to her for 6 days in a row, every time listening to all she has to say. I haven't been able to get the book from her even though I have followed these steps. If someone tries it and gets it to work, post how you did it.

    Alex Haas

  • Hmm..six days in a row? I didn't have to go back that many times. I got it on the third visit, and I'm pretty sure that my visits weren't in a "row" either.

    You DO have to be persistant though. You have to click on her repeatedly during each visit. She's apparently got LOTS to say.

    Good luck,

  • I have to say that I cast a spell on her which seemed to result in getting the book.

    Which one? well you figure that out .

  • I'm fairly certain I didn't talk to her six days in a row. On the time that she finally gave it to me, I only had to talk to her three times, but on the third time I was actually standing right next to her. That may have been important...

  • It was a red herring/waste of time? And I really wanted to help prusa, she seemed special...

    Oh, one more thing: Why would they put a "red herring" in the game? Is it like redherring/keep you away from something?

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  • I believe what was stated was that the wine contract was a red herring...not Prusa. There's no mission associated with Prusa. And the contract really wasn't a red herring. You need to try to complete it in order to win the game. It's just presented rather deceitfully. (Yes, I'm bitter.)


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