The Alraeican Tavern, Part III

  • "Also, " mused Kwon, "'All is linked': you have said that an evil force from the crystal took control of Magpie, that he has never truly been free of it since. I begin to fear that this force has some connection to us, in the deep past."

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  • Far away, at the edge of a dense forest not far from a certain lonely mountain, a figure dressed in forest green stood watching; his keen eyes strained to penetrate into the heart of the bright light that had enveloped the mountain's peak. As his eyes grew accustomed to the light, and he began to make out what it hid, his breath caught in his throat, and his heart seemed to freeze in mid-beat; then, with a deliberate effort, he relaxed. The dark figure turned to leave, and in moments was enveloped by the forest...

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  • Verran began to shake a little. A breeze was blowing but it wasnt that cold. Avantara looked away from the others just in time to se verran calm down.

    "Cold?" he asked "I think you should be worrying about other things." and he turned back to the others.

    "I know what Magpie's weapon is" said verran softly "The wind just brought me the news, and its not good."

    "Well?" asked Moonshadow "What is it?"

    "Its an army," said Verran "And appaently undead. The wind also said something about a fire and the army was untouched but I didnt catch the rest."

    "An army?" said Avantara "Then we must move quickly! We have to muster all that is good in Cythera."

    "Wait" said Moonshadow "We must cure Talos and Alaric too."

    And with that she took the crystal and crolna and used them on talos, nothing happened.

    "D^%*" said Moonshadow "Whats wrong with this now"

    But before she could finish griping the stone around Talos began to crack and soon talos lay there asleep but unharmed.

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  • Moonshadow sighed with relief, just before blacking out. Verran caught her just in time and put her down carefully. "She must have used up all of her energy..." he suspected.
    "Probably." Avatara agreed. "What a foolhardy thing... I could have helped her..."
    "Well, but at least Talos is back to normal." Katze remarked, staring at the snoring Talos ;)
    "Yeah..." Flynn nodded. "Yet we're now two people short, and will be, until they recover. I fear that speed is of the essence now. We must go and gather whatever help we can get against this undead army."
    "I doubt that would be enough." Ferazel said. "From what I've heard I figure it would be of more use to track down that Magpie person, and eliminate him. From all tales I've heard, most agree on one thing: Destruction of the 'creator' of undeads also desposes of the undeads."
    "Or at least it confuses and seperates them." Verran agreed. "It might not be that much, but it could be decisive for all our fates."
    "Yet we must keep the army at bay, too." Katze spoke up. "I think we should inform the guards of all Cytheran communities, as well as Pnyx, and anyone else we know who could be of use." She got up from where she had been sitting. "I'll 'take care' of the Cademian, Odemian and Catamarcan guards.Anyone want to join me?"

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