BUG FOUND - in Cythera

  • A new bug has been found,
    Improving your body points in Cythera can be important, becuse it increases your heath points, how much you can carry, and more. If you use a cheating program like pandora's box, or Ace or you just train with Alarlic as you improve body your health starts to improve, if your health gets to the max (255) you can still train for health but the max health won't go over 255 it will start over around 13. This bug also go's for magic, if you improve to much in mind it will also start over.

    You can still get a full version of Pandor's box, :)
    for more information at (url="http://"mailto:brian6@bellatlantic.net")mailto:brian6@bellatlantic.net(/url)brian6@bellatlantic.net

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