• Ok, I know now that I shouldn't have done it…but it seemed like a good idea at the time. When I was in the Harpys' Cave. after I went down my rope, I decided to arm myself with bow and arrows, to make enough room for lots of arrows I put a sack from my inventory on the ground, fully intending to return and get it after I got the into the secret room. Uh-ohh, when I came back the sack was gone…and the purified Crola was in the bag…DO-OOH. Does this mean that I have to start a new game, or do these things revert to their original place in the game, or are they just sob gone forever?

  • I'm pretty sure it's gone forever.

  • You noughty boy! You left the holy Crolna all a lone on the ground?! How could you?! May you never get another obiloi again!!!

  • He's really been punished. No way to complete the game in that file now. :frown: You probably already won and were just playing around. Actually, you don't need the Crolna now if that's what you are doing

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